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Missions & Functions
   1. Providing advanced professional training        
       a)   Preliminary training for new staff
As part of the special examinations for consular, diplomatic, and administrative personnel, a rigorous training program and intensive foreign language training are required for the new staff to enhance their knowledge and ability in ROC policies and interpretation skills in international meetings and negotiations.
        b)   On-the-job training for mid-career and senior diplomats
To promote lifelong learning and career development, the IDIA offers courses to update participants’ understanding of government policies, enhance their management and communication capabilities, and strengthen their crisis management and decision-making skills.
       c)   Interagency professional courses
As the IDIA is the only institute in Taiwan that provides diplomatic training, interdisciplinary courses in such areas as trade and investment, international publicity, cultural creativity, environment and energy, and consecutive interpreting, are also available for interagency personnel.
       d)   Foreign language courses
To enhance the language abilities of personnel of Executive Yuan agencies that have overseas offices, the IDIA offers classes for English, French, Japanese, Spanish and Southeast Asian languages. Furthermore, the IDIA arranges intensive courses on the language, history, culture and customs of countries to which MOFA officials are assigned.
       e)   Public diplomacy courses
To familiarize citizens with diplomacy and reinvigorate the nation’s public diplomacy, the IDIA holds annual public diplomacy seminars and courses to boost the citizens’ interest in international affairs and harness support for our nation’s diplomatic efforts.
    2. Strengthening international exchanges
        a)  Exchange programs with peer institutes worldwide
The IDIA has signed agreements and MOUs with peer diplomatic training institutes abroad to facilitate language and academic exchange programs. The IDIA frequently initiates and hosts academic exchange visits to and from diplomatic training institutes, think tanks, and training institutions of friendly nations.
       b)   Mandarin language training for officials of foreign missions based in Taiwan
The IDIA offers regular Mandarin language training courses to Taiwan-based foreign diplomats and their families to promote a broader understanding and appreciation of Taiwan’s culture. By exploring Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and combining language study with cultural soft power, these courses expand Taiwan’s diplomatic outreach.

    3. Enhancing policy research
In-house and outsourced projects raise the quality and quantity of foreign policy-related research. Research conducted by senior career diplomats and academic institutions creates diverse materials that not only enhance the breadth and depth of contemporary policy research, but also provide critical reference for decision-making in foreign affairs.