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  • Welcome to Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs

The Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (IDIA) was formally inaugurated on September 1, 2012 following the reorganization of the central government. It was originally established in January 1969 as the Foreign Service Training Institute (FSTI) before being renamed the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in May 1971.

Tien, Chung-kwang
  • Current: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs(Since July 24, 2020)
  • Education: BA in English Literature, Fu Jen Catholic University, Republic of China (Taiwan) (1975)
    MBA, St. Thomas University, USA (1992)
Picture of Chancellor Tien, Chung-kwang

This includes six-month professional courses for newly recruited diplomats, three-day introductory classes for diplomatic volunteers, and two-week training courses for new alternative military service conscripts.

In a fast-changing world, it is important for every country to increase the awareness of its citizens to face the ever-increasing challenges and opportunities.