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1. Training courses on interdisciplinary issues: In order to enhance the knowledge of Foreign Service personnel on international issues, the institute arranges 30 hours of classes on a variety of topics. These include diplomacy, national defense, economic & trade issues, technology, health, culture, education, media, natural resources, environmental protection, finance, agriculture, fisheries, labor, overseas Taiwanese affairs, immigration, law and cross-strait issues.

2. Other courses: These courses cover Taiwan's diplomacy, economic and trade affairs, gender issues and other topics.

3. Training Courses on International Conference and Negotiation Skills: This special training cultivates negotiation skills and familiarizes Foreign Service personnel with international conference procedures. The courses are conducted in English, as all participants are senior officials selected from central government agencies who are fluent in English and entitled to attend international conferences in the future.

4. Seminars & Courses: Lectures and discussions on diplomacy for Economy & Trade have been organized to enhance Foreign Service personnel's comprehension of Taiwan's economic and trade situation, and raise their awareness of the contemporary trade environment facing Taiwan's manufacturing and export industries.

5. Courses for Section Chiefs (Entry- & Mid-level Management): This once-a-year course has been organized to enhance the knowledge and management skills of newly-promoted section chiefs from all MOFA departments. The course lasts for two weeks and aims to improve all-round abilities in leadership, dialogue and negotiation, and co-partnership with other agencies, among other things.

6. Gender Main-streaming Courses: These courses, given throughout the year, target the Executive Yuan's 22 ministries, departments and commissions that handle external affairs. The purpose is to promote a better understanding of gender issues and how government agencies can improve gender equality.