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Online appointments to visit the Taipei Guest House are not compulsory and walk-in visits during the regular opening hours are welcome.

Visitor Information

Notice for Taipei Guest House Visitors

1. Open House:
  • Open house for the Taipei Guest House (TGH) shall be held on days when the Presidential Office is open to the public. To obtain the specific dates of open house, please refer to the Open House Schedule on Weekends and Holidays section of this website.
  • To apply for a visit on a weekday: Institutions and organizations may apply to visit on a weekday for the purposes of academic research in the fields of history, culture, architecture and landscape design; teaching observations; or cultural or historical studies. The application must be submitted two weeks in advance of the desired visit date via an official document, and the visit may not involve for-profit endeavors. Should an official function need to take place at the TGH after a requested visit is approved, MOFA will notify the applicant of the need to postpone or cancel the visit.
2. Please note the following:
  • Photography is allowed in unrestricted areas. However, the use of flash and tripods is prohibited indoors. When taking photographs, please avoid interfering with circulation routes.
  • Please speak softly and refrain from chatting or laughing loudly. Entry into restricted areas and possession of hazardous objects on the premises are prohibited.
  • Behavior not in accordance with the purposes of the visits is prohibited.
  • Visitors must wear proper attire and keep their possessions to a minimum. Eating, smoking, chewing betel nut or gum, and bringing in pets are prohibited.
  • The TGH shall not be opened on certain national holidays, as well as in the event of a typhoon or other natural disaster requiring school and work to be cancelled. The TGH website shall post an announcement when an open house must be cancelled or restricted due to restoration, construction, or other special circumstances.
  • Guideline violators may be verbally warned or prevented from further rule violations by MOFA or TGH personnel. Serious violators shall be asked to leave immediately and banned from visiting the TGH for two years.
For more information, please refer to Guidelines for the Taipei Guest House Open House.