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Online appointments to visit the Taipei Guest House are not compulsory and walk-in visits during the regular opening hours are welcome.

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The Western-style Mansion

The main structure of the Taipei Guest House is commonly referred to as a Western-style mansion. Facing south, the building boasts many balconies, double columns, and arches. The interior, from its meticulous ceiling molding to its plaster sculptures and crystal chandeliers, is even more luxurious. Unique beech parquetry flooring as well as Victorian-style glazed tiles and fireplaces imported from the United Kingdom adorn the reception hall.


The Japanese-style Bungalow

The wooden Japanese-style bungalow served as living quarters for the governors-general. A wooden veranda connects this building and the Western-style mansion. The main interior room faces the pond, giving it a magnificent, panoramic view of the Japanese garden.


The Gardens

The gardens of the Taipei Guest House are an integral part of this national historic site. The large North Garden to the rear is also in Japanese style, comprising a large pond in the shape of the Chinese character for “heart” and numerous trees. The grounds also feature an odeum, a pavilion, a stone bridge with balustrades, stone tables, and masonry bridges, together with man-made hills, waterfalls, and fountains. Centered on a fountain surrounded by symmetrical, geometric flower beds, the South Garden to the front of the building is done in the French style.